Creche Routine


Below is an example of a typical daily routine
The Hallway

Morning Session

  • 09.00am: Doors open and session officially begins
  • 09.00am-10.00pm: Free Flow Play, Individual Time, help with snack, Outdoor Play
  • 10.15am: Tidy Up, Singing with Baxter and Friends
  • 10.20am-10.35am: Hand Washing, Tooth Brushing Time, Healthy Snack
  • 10.35am-11.00am: Children move from one room to another, Free Flow Play, Individual Time
  • 11.00am-12.00pm: Free Flow Play, Individual Time, Outdoor Play
  • 12.00pm: Tidy up Time, (Children are encouraged to help tidy up) Storytime
  • 12.00:Music Time,Story Time
  • 12.15pm: Collection Time (am session)

Afternoon Session

  • 12.20pm: Go to Snack Room for lunch
  • 12.20pm-13.00pm: Wash Hands, Lunch
  • 13.00pm-14.20pm: Free Flow Play, Individual Time, Outdoor Play
  • 14.20pm-14.30pm: Tidy up Time (Children are encouraged to help tidy up) Story Time
  • 14.30pm: Collection Time
Although the children are encouraged to follow and become familiar with the daily routines in the crèche, free play and individual choice is available and respected at all times. The daily routines are only a guide and can be changed or adapted to suit the age and stage of development of any child attending the service. Sleep time and toilet training are available throughout the sessions.