Club Info

We offer a quality childcare and friendly atmosphere
Creche Room


  • 07.30am Doors open
  • 07.30am – 08.20am: A healthy breakfast is served
  • 07.30am – 08.40am: Free Flow Play
  • 08.30am – 08.45am: Journey to School (Timings are based on distance to school)

ARRIVAL & BREAKFAST: 07.30am - 08.20am

To help us maintain a safe environment, all children attending the breakfast club must be escorted into the building by a parent/carer and handed over to a member of staff.

A healthy breakfast is prepared by the breakfast club staff in the kitchen/snack room, children are actively encouraged to develop their social skills by making choices, serving themselves and helping to clear up afterwards.

CHILD LED FREE FLOW PLAY: 08.00am- 08.40am During free flow play children have the freedom to move from room to room and actively engage in activities.

JOURNEY TO SCHOOL: 08.40am-08.55am Children are escorted to school by one or more staff members either via a walking bus (Hermitage Primary), by minibus, staff cars or by taxi.

Example of Breakfast served: Fresh Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Water, Cereal & Toast.