Club Info

15.00-Children are collected from school
COnstruction Room


  • 15.00pm – 15.20pm: Arrival/Free Flow Play
  • 15.20pm – 15.30pm: Registration/Group Discussions/Sharing of news
  • 15.30pm-16.00pm: Snack
  • 15.30pm – 16.00pm: Free Flow Play
  • 16.00pm – 17.00pm: Free Flow Play/Key Worker Activities/Planned Activities
  • 17.00pm – 17.59pm: Free Flow Play
As the service is child led the children are encouraged to direct their own play.
Activities are also planned throughout the academic term.

ARRIVAL 15.00pm-15.20pm: The children arrive at the club either on foot, via a walking bus, by minibus, taxi, or in a staff member’s car. On arrival, the children are encouraged to hang up their own coat and school bag and sign themselves in on the register. Once signed in the children have the freedom to move from room to room.

REGISTRATION 15.20pm-15.30pm: Children are encouraged to take the daily register (under adult supervision). Once the register is complete, the children are given the opportunity to share news from home and school, as well as personal achievements. Birthdays are also celebrated during this time.

SNACK 15.30pm-16.00pm: Snack is served in the kitchen/snack room, the children are encouraged to help prepare and serve snack and clean up afterwards under adult supervision. We offer a healthy snack with a choice of drinks including milk, water and diluting juice.

CHILD LED FREE FLOW PLAY 15.00pm-16.00pm: Children have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of resources during free flow play. We do not offer a formal homework club however; children can complete homework in our creative room. Staff do not formally supervise homework.

CHILD LED FREE FLOW PLAY 16.00pm-17.00pm: Planned activities or large group activities take place during this time.

CHILD LED FREE FLOW PLAY 17.00 - 17.59 (17.30 on a Friday) The children are encouraged to help tidy up.

Our daily routine is only a guide, as it is changed and adapted to suit the needs of our individual children.